Bigso AB was founded in 1963 and at that time all our products were produced in recycled fibreboard. The emphasis in the beginning was on products that were tucked away in closets and attics. Fibreboard was seen as an economical solution for a range of storage needs for homes and businesses and our entire production went to the Swedish market. 45 years later Bigso’s products have become a major decorating feature in the homes and offices of over 30 countries. The transition began in the 1970´s and when the recycling boom came in the 1980´s we experienced an increase in demand that led to a rapid expansion of the company. Today we are well prepared to meet the growing demand for clever storage solutions, with three modern manufacturing facilities and leading design and quality in our products. Compact living is a concept that has nurtured our product range. The focus is on design, product development, and clever solutions for modern storage needs.
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